Thomas Goossens

Thomas Goossens – Founder



Hosting and sponsoring of events


Hosting and sponsoring of events


First Meetup

Thomas Goossens

Thomas Goossens – @tgoossens

Why clojure

Thomas kicked-off the first ever Beclojure talk. Dicussing Why Clojure was created and what its major contributions are.

Frederik de Bleser – @enigmata

Introduction to web development with Clojure

Frederik amazed everyone by creating an rss webreader in clojure from scratch in less than an hour.

Second Meetup



Jean Christophe Mincke

Building a FSM with Clojure

Jean-Christophe compared implementations of a Finite State Machine in Clojure and in an object oriented language. Enlightening us with his passion for pure functional programming.

Third Meetup

Stijn Opheide – @stijnopheide

Building a Livescore Backend with Datomic

Stijn gave an excellent talk about how Datomic works and how WebComrades took advantage of the technology in one of their projects.

Guest lecture at KU Leuven

Laurens Van Houtven – @lvh

Introduction to everything Clojure

Laurens was a remarkable speaker at a remarkable event: The largest BeClojure event yet.

He introduced the 80 attendees to Clojure in a very complete and perfectly given talk. It is probably one of the best lectures the students had at KU Leuven!

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