KU Leuven Guest lecture debriefing

The 16th of October a remarkable event took place at the university of Leuven: The largest BeClojure event so far.


The lecture was given by Laurens Van Houtven  (@lvh) . 

The story

The funny thing about the lecture is that 2 months ago I did not know Laurens at all.  I was making plans about organizing a guest lecture at several Flemish universities when suddenly Laurens contacted me on twitter.

He basically said ‘Contact my if you need any help for an event’.  So I contacted him and immediately noticed that he was a real expert on the subject after which I asked him to give a lecture at the KU Leuven.

Then during the holidays I contacted professor Frank Piessens who immediately liked the idea. So many thanks to you professor!

The lecture

The audience comprised of about 80 students and people from industry combined making it the largest BeClojure event so far. (Agreed I cheated a little ;) )

The lecture was basically flawless. Laurens introduced the attendees very gently to the Clojure philosophy before going into details.  It was clear that Laurens knew a lot about the subject and could easily continue for a few more hours. Sadly we had only two :-(.


The Reception

Afterwards a bunch of interested students and people from industry stayed for a little chat together with a drink and appetizers.

The slides

The slides are publicly available at http://www.lvh.io/ClojureIntro/.



What can be said? It was a great event for everyone. Of course there is room for improvement but for a first time it certainly was a success!

Many thanks to Laurens, Professor Piessens and all attendees.

Until a next time!




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